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Five free things to do on the Canary Island of El Hierro

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If you are on your family holidays in El Hierro and are looking for things to do which won’t cost you anything, then try out one or more from our list below

1. Tamaduste
Tamaduste is located approximately 10km [6 miles] northeast of the resort of Valverde and is the ideal place to visit if you love swimming. At high tide, the cove fills with remarkably clear seawater making it ideal for swimming for both children and adults. Wait until the low tide when the waves disappear and the cove is just left with tranquil, still pools – great for collecting crabs, sea snails and fishing.

2 El Sabinar
Located to the west of the island of El Hierro is the region of El Sabinar where you will find over 300 giant, white-trunked junipers which have been twisted into bizarre shapes by the winds from the Atlantic with many bent double. The region is named after the local word for juniper [sabina].If you want to get close to the trees make sure you wear long trousers as you will need to get through the brush. Once you have visited El Sabinar you will understand why UNESCO has declared El Hierro as a biosphere reserve.

3. Mirador de la Pena
This is one of El Hierro’s top sights. Located just outside the small village of Guarazoca which is approximately 8km [5 miles] directly west of Valverde. This a great opportunity to take some excellent photos of the valleys, the coast and the Roques de Salmor. Walk around and take the short paths that lead to several other viewing points. The restaurant here was designed by Lanzarote born artist Cesar Manrique, and built in 1988 [although, of course, the restaurant is not free to visit!].

4. Las Puntas
After visiting the Mirador de la Pena, head a little further west to Las Puntas on the coast. Here, standing on the old wharf is Hotel Puntagrande which has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s smallest hotel with just 4 rooms, a bar and a restaurant. Hotel Puntagrande started as a harbour building before being transformed into a hotel. Outside, you can swim in one of the many rocky coves.

5. Faro de Orchilla
This lighthouse can be found on the west coast of El Hierro. This part of El Hierro was originally known as the end of the world and in 1634 the zero meridian was drawn through this point and remained recognised as such until 1884 when it was moved to Greenwich. However, El Hierro still refers itself as the “Isla del Meridiano” and you have the opportunity of crossing the original zero meridian and taking souvenir snaps of the commemorative monument as well as the lighthouse.

As you make your way around this tiny island whilst on your El Hierro holidays, you will come across many more free things to see and do.

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